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One of the most overlooked dental procedures is simple teeth or dental cleaning. Designed to remove residue and help improve dental health, many people assume that their home dental care is sufficient to prevent the need for this type of treatment. In fact, choosing to undergo a dental deep cleaning at least once a year is a key to maintaining good dental health. Here are some things you should know about dental cleaning, including why care in dental clinic matters.

What is Meant by Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleaning is a procedure designed to remove plaque and other residues from between the teeth and around the gum line. What’s removed is all the tiny particles that are left behind when you brush your teeth, use floss, and even use mouthwash. As much as all of those efforts accomplish, there will still be some lingering residue that could pave the way for a number of dental issues.

While under the care of a dental team, instruments are used to gently capture and remove that remaining residue. When the cleaning is completed, your mouth is likely to feel fresher than it does after you finish brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. In fact, that fresh sensation will likely last for hours before it begins to fade.

Is Cleaning a Costly Procedure?

As with any type of dental procedure, there is some concern about the dental cleaning cost. It’s only natural that you would ask “how much is a dental cleaning?” before choosing to have the procedure done. That’s especially true if you will be paying for the cleaning out of pocket.

The fact is that the amount will vary based on a number of factors. If you have dental insurance, the amount paid out of pocket is likely to be a co-pay that amounts to a small percentage of the total amount. How much is a dental cleaning without insurance? The figure is likely to vary slightly, depending on the rates put in place by the clinic.

Managing the average dental cleaning cost without insurance may be easier than you think. Some clinics will charge fees based on your income level. Others may have payment plans that you can use. There are also lenders who will finance dental procedures, allowing you to retire the balance using a series of monthly installment payments. Once you know the dental cleaning price that you must pay out of pocket, it will be possible to determine which financing approach makes sense.

Will the Cleaning Hurt?

Along with the cost of a dental cleaning, many people hesitate because of a fear of being in pain during or after the procedure. In fact, it’s highly unusual for anyone to experience discomfort during or even after the cleaning is finished. That’s because the dental team takes great care to ensure the work is done properly and that the patient is kept comfortable.

The dental cleaning tools designed for this type of work make it easy to remove the residue without any pain to the patient. Pair that with the fact that only a trained professional will clean your teeth, and you can put all worries about pain from the dental teeth cleaning out of your mind. Instead, you will enjoy a tingling sensation that comes from your mouth feeling fresher than it has in a long time.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Cleaning?

How long is a dental cleaning? A lot depends on how well you follow a reasonable dental hygiene routine each day. For those who brush regularly and use floss, it’s not unusual for cleaning to take no more than a half-hour. Those who are less diligent in their home dental care efforts will find that the process will take longer. In the latter, it’s a good idea to plan on spending around an hour in the dental chair.

Remember the goal of any ultrasonic dental cleaning is to remove all residue found on and in between the teeth. When there’s less that has to be removed, the cleaning can move forward faster. More residue translates into more time spent in the chair. If it does seem to take longer, consider taking a critical look at the way you care for your teeth at home and make a few changes. Combined with a couple of cleanings each year, that may allow you to enjoy better dental health as the year’s pass.

Will There Be Any After Effects?

Some people wonder if there will be any ill effects after a professional teeth cleaning is completed. The most common effect is that your mouth has a fresh sensation that lasts for hours, and possibly well into the next day. What is highly unlikely to happen is the development of any discomfort.

Some people do report that their teeth seem to feel a little sensitive in the hours after cleaning. If that’s the case, choosing to drink beverages at room temperature for the rest of the day may be in order. You’ll find that the teeth cleaner will provide you with a short list of suggestions of what to do if you do notice any minor discomfort. Should you still be having any issues the following day, contact the dentist.

What About Using a Cleaning Kit at Home?

It’s possible to buy a teeth cleaning kit that includes instruments similar to those used in a dental clinic. Some may feel that investing in a kit and then checking out a few instructional videos to learn how to use them makes it possible to do without professional dental cleanings. That’s really not a choice that’s in your best interests.

There are several disadvantages of deep cleaning teeth at home rather than leaving the procedure to a professional. One has to do with a lack of experience. No matter how many videos you watch, it takes time and practice to develop the skills needed to properly clean the teeth.

Another has to do with knowing what to look for while cleaning teeth. Dental professionals are always on the lookout for signs of any emerging dental issues while the cleanings are in progress. As a novice, you are unlikely to notice any of those signs. That would in turn mean an issue would have more time to develop and ultimately become a major problem.

The bottom line is those dental teeth cleaning is a procedure that should be part of your typical dental care planning. It should also be managed under the care of a professional. If it’s been some time since your last cleaning, today is the ideal time to call a clinic and arrange for one. You can bet that the time spent on this procedure is well worth it.